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GREENBUSH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LLC is your professional choice for tree, organic lawn care, and landscaping services. We provide everything needed to give your trees better health and sustainability. Here's a bit of information about our services.

Tree Service
Unlike tree toppers, we are trained to maintain the tree's natural beauty with thinning and cleaning.

We do selective horticultural pruning, which is vital in preserving the natural canopy of a tree. We use a state of the art Cobra System that will hold trees together, allowing natural movement. This will help the tree strengthen naturally.

In addition, we do deep-root feeding. Trees in urban settings are not in a natural setting. In an urban setting, the leaves are raked and hauled away. We inject into the ground the nutrients that would be found in natural decomposition of leaves. This is done around the root zone of the tree and gives the tree more life.

Tree, Tree Service in Camden, OH

Organic Lawn Care
Our base product is the richest form on earth. It feeds the grass and the soil and keeps the macronutrients alive and vital. The roots will get deeper and the grass will become healthier. Lawns will not need to be aerated due to the treatments we apply.

Our approach to organic lawn care in Ohio is a 6-application approach that involves both dry and liquid products. This is done every year to give you a beautiful, healthy lawn. Lawns will need less water, which is great for the environment.  

Lawn Care, Landscaping Services in Camden, OH

Landscaping & Hardscaping
At GREENBUSH, we offer a free consultation for clients and discuss your landscaping needs. We will discuss addition of paver stones (patios, driveways, walks), retaining walls, pathways, water features, and more. We will then work with a designer and present the customer with a proposal.

We are able to install things, such as highlighted areas of specimen-type trees to showcase perennials. We can also add screening for privacy or big, decorative boulders.

The possibilities are endless in what can be done to beautify your area.

Landscaping and Hardscaping, Landscaping Services in Camden, OH

Arborjet® Injections
We treat all kinds of insects, diseases, and tree problems. We are experts in diagnosing problems with trees. Your trees may be damaged due to these issues. We provide 2-year, 100% control of emerald ash borer. Arborjet is also a proven solution against Asian Longhorn Beetles.

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